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Registration Date 19 Nov 2014

Nansulate® Energy Protect™


Construction Masonry Materials



Interior or exterior use, Wall Insulation, Ceiling Insulation, Skylight Insulation, Duct Insulation, Insulation for Windows that don't require complete clarity.
Drywalls Concrete Glass Hospitals Windows Walls Ceiling Skylight Insulation Duct Insulation


1. Outstanding insulation properties in a thin film coating. 2. Mold resistant 3. Easy Application with brush, roller or paint sprayer 4. Non-toxic, Water-based 5. Outstanding durability, weathering resistant 6. Excellent adhesion to wood, drywall, concrete, glass and many other surfaces 7. Reduces thermal bridging through studs 8 .Cost Effective - only $0.57 per S.F. 9 .Reported energy savings between 15%-30% on heating and cooling costs 10. Short-term payback 11. Low VOC (100 g/L) 12. Breathable (perm rating 5 perms/inch) 13. Non-flammable 14. Ideal CLEAN insulation solution for hospitals, clean rooms, and sensitive areas 15. Protects against mold without use of biocides 16. Space saving - each coat is applied at 4 mils; a 3-coat coverage will fully cure to 6 mils DFT 17. Can be painted over with a color paint 18. Clear finish, does not change the look of the underlying surface (except for glass) 19. Provides protection from harmful UV rays.

Non-toxic Thermal Insulation Weatherability UV Protection Durability Easy to Apply Cost Effective Breathability Mould Resistance Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Fireproof High Adhesion Water-based