Registration Date 1 Dec 2016

NanoLub® BO-M2100 Industrial Bearing Oil Additive


Renewable Energies Wind Energies Product Number : 20L

Wind Turbine Lubricant


Manufacturer Asserted

Tungsten disulfide

WS2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 12138-09-9
Diameter : 50-200 nm
Manufacturer Asserted


C60 Fullerene CAS Number : 99685-96-8


Wind turbineblades


Significant Reduction in Wear and Friction OptimizedPerformance Extended Application Life Fewer Breakdowns Fewer Service Requirements Improved Energy Efficiency Improved Operation Costs

Thermal stability Wear Resistance Friction Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Wind turbines are subjected to constant friction and wear while operating under extreme pressure conditions of heavy loads and varying temperatures. This causes significant maintenance problems with declining productivity, worsened performance, frequent breakdowns and shortened machinery life.NanoLub® Anti-Wear & Anti Friction lubricants are based on a unique patented technology of proprietary super strong tungsten disulfide (WS₂) multilayered nano fullerene-like particles. These unique multi-layer WS₂ nano-spheres lower friction and heat, thereby reducing mechanical wear. At the same time, contact pressure causes nano-spheres to release tribofilms that attach to surface asperities and smooth them, thereby extending mechanical efficiency and apparatus life. Nanolub® product range includes Extreme Pressure Oil and Grease AW/AF additives of various types, as well as AW/AF Dry Coating, capable of significantly improving the performance of Extreme Pressure like turbines and other mechanical systems used in Wind Turbines.
NanoLub® BO-M2100 Industrial Bearing Oil Additive is a new generation surface-reconditioning nano lubricant for bearing oil, based on Mineral Oil concentrate mixed with NIS’s proprietary super strong tungsten disulfide WS₂ multilayered nano-fullerene particles.Due to its size (50-200 nm) and morphology of IF-WS₂ nanoparticles, they easily fill the asperities and irregular surface of the metals providing excellent load bearing and anti-wear properties. Under high loads (>1 GPa), the layers peels from the spheres forming a thin protective monolayer of WS₂ on the surface of the metal thereby reducing friction and wear between the metals.NanoLub® is based on NIS’ unique patented technology using solid tungsten disulfide WS₂  multilayered nano fullerene-like particles. These unique multi-layer IF-WS₂ nano-spheres are well-known to show outstanding temperature (-270 °C to 450 °C), shock (5,076,000 PSI) and pressure (4,263,000 PSI) resistance and renders them to be versatile under extreme operating conditions including high and ultra-low temperatures, high pressure and high vacuum, high load, high rotating speed, high radiation and corrosion conditions.