Registration Date 27 Nov 2014

Pilkington Activ™ Blue


Construction Masonry Materials



Specially designed for the optimum roof unit, Pilkington Activ™ Blue is perfect for use in greenhouses and winter gardens. Its self-cleaning properties make it ideal for use in hard to reach places that are difficult to clean.
Roof Winter garden Greenhouses


1. Self-cleaning properties reduce the need for manual cleaning, saving water and eliminating potentially harmful run-off from expensive detergents, also increasing personal safety 2. Additional medium performance solar control properties, reducing solar heat entering the building, enhancing comfort and reducing the need for cooling the building 3. Attractive blue color of the glass is perfect for roof glazing, enhancing the view from inside to outside 4. Good light transmission 5. Low exterior reflection, improving aesthetics of the building 6. Works even on cloudy days and during the night 7. Highly durable pyrolytic on-line coating that lasts the lifetime of the glass 8. Can be laminated, tempered, bent and enamelled using standard techniques 9. Can be used in its monolithic form or incorporated into insulating glass units (self-cleaning coating on surface #1), for instance with Pilkington Energy Advantage™ to offer additional thermal insulation properties.

Non-toxic Self-cleaning Transparency Durability Cost Effective Water Conservation

Manufacturer's Description

Achieves Class A to EN1096 for coated glass. Achieves ASTM C 1376 standard specification.