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WhisperIT® laser


Electronics Laser



"The main market for WhisperIT™ lasers is the biotechnology instrumentation market, but our lasers are used for other applications as well. Our focus when approaching the product design is not to build another laser, but to apply our knowledge to build application specific laser technology and to provide photons the way our customers need them. Even today, when based on conventionally designed “DPSS” lasers, the light delivery part of instruments is still complex due to the following drawbacks of such laser designs: Conventionally designed solid-state lasers still exhibit a high heat load, requiring special attention to the opto-mechanical base plate design, and introducing beam pointing issues not only from the laser, but from the whole optics base plate. Conventionally designed solid-state lasers do not allow output power change, fast turn on or modulation. Therefore, instrument designs based on such lasers still require complex set ups using shutters, neutral density filters and acousto-optic modulators. Fiber delivery and beam combining fiber delivered lasers enable a complete new way to design instruments by minimizing the need for optical base plates in instruments to deliver the light to the sample. These are just a small number of examples how our laser technology can help to change the instrument design of the future. Together with the wavelength coverage of the WhisperIT™ platform we can address a broad range of fluorescence based applications or other instrumentation needs together with our customers. Such applications include, but are not limited to ■ Flow cytometry ■ Hematology ■ DNA sequencing ■ DNA chip reader ■ Confocal microscopy ■ Medical imaging ■ Semiconductor front end applications ■ Raman spectroscopy

Manufacturer's Description

WhisperIT® lasers are laser diode based continuous-wave solid-state lasers.  Laser architecture based on laser diodes offers significantly increased lifetime, and improved efficiency (<4 W) over DPSS, HeCd or Argon lasers.  Laser diodes can exhibit mode hops which can result in increased optical noise.  The WhisperIT® technology eliminates such mode hops and turns laser diode light into highly stable light output.Whisper lasers have low coherence and speckle, near immunity to damage from back reflected light, and have the lowest noise available from a commercially available diode laserWhisperIT® lasers have circular or elliptical beams that are tailored to match customer requirements.  The output power can be adjusted and the lasers can be modulated.