Registration Date 3 Jun 2017

Steel 12Х1МФ


Petroleum Pipeline

Petroleum Pipe


Oil and gas industry

Manufacturer's Description

Chelyabinsk Enterprise Group Company "Riemer" Security, released the first batch of taps with a minimum bending radius. Plant "COT" was first produced hot bending with a minimum bending radius - only 375 mm. The development of this mix was made possible thanks to the launch into operation last year on a new pipe-bending cell mill AWS Shaefer (Germany) with the function of heat treatment of open areas. The first bends 219 mm in diameter with a wall thickness of 13 mm made of special refractory steel 12H1MF and designed to operate at temperatures up to + 560 ° C and pressure up to 15 MPa (150 atm.) In the pipes of steam and hot water. - Issue taps with extremely small bending radius - an important step in maximizing the advantages of the new design of pipe-bending equipment. In this project, we are also working on the development of spatial bending technology. In general, modern technology mill characteristics allow us to provide consistent quality as extremely large, and the extremely small diameters of the coupling parts - says the executive director of "COT" Leonid Malamud.