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Grippol® Plus


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Influenza Vaccine

Drug Information

Vaccine for influenza prophylaxis [inactivated] + Azoximer bromide
Dosage form
Route of Administration
intramuscular injection


Specific influenza prophylaxis in children from 6 months old, adolescents, and adults without age limitation. Populations to be vaccinated. Vaccine is specially recommended to: 1. Individuals having high risk of influenza-associated complications:  people older 60 years old; pre-school children; schoolchildren;  adults and children often falling ill with ARI, or those suffering from chronic somatic diseases including: central nervous system, cardio-vascular or broncho-pulmonary functions disturbances or congenital abnormalities, subjects with bronchial asthma, chronic kidney diseases, diabetes mellitus, metabolic disturbances, autoimmune diseases, allergic diseases (excluding the allergy to hen egg protein), people with chronic anemia, congenital or acquired immune deficiency, HIV-infected people; 2. Subjects with high risk to fall ill with influenza or to transmit the influenza due to the professional occupation:  medical professionals, workers of educational institutions, workers of social facilities, transport, commercial workers, police, military men etc


Vaccine induces high level of specific anti-influenza immunity formation. Post-vaccination protective effect usually comes in 8-12 days, and the immunity retains up to 12 months, including elderly people vaccinated. Protective anti-influenza antibody titers are detectable among 75-92% of the vaccinated of different age. Inclusion into the vaccine product of the immune modulator Polyoxidonium® with a wide spectrum of immune harmacological effect provides an increase of antigens immunogenicity and stability, permits to stimulate the immune memory, to decrease considerably the antigens content in vaccination dose, and to increase the organism resistance to other infections by the means of the immune status correction.