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Dishwashing detergent Mr. Washer

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Dishwashing Detergent


Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4




Anti-bacterial Activity Antiodor Anti-fungal Activity Anti-static

Manufacturer's Description

Superior composition, the concentration of surfactant 15% -20%  (v analogues Fairy, AOS, Prill 5-15%) The price on the shelf for 20% -30% lower than that of similar products from other manufacturersThe composition includes a unique component based nanochastitsts NANOSILVER silver destroying odors and to 99.9% of bacteria and fungi  (absence of competitors analogues)A pleasant and stable odor new formula cleavage of fat, wherein the means hypoallergenic  (deletes persistent odors and fats, even in cold water, while completely washed off by water, as well as take care of the skin without irritating and allergy causing)Manufactured exclusively from imported high quality raw materials and the latest technological equipmentBold decision to produce products exclusively in a transparent PET bottle  (the end user himself will be able to easily appreciate the high quality of the contents of the bottle, it acquired detergent) User-friendly and ergonomic design of the bottle, water-resistant, with a three-layer lacquered label  (bottle is easy to hold in your hand, even after repeated wet label is not erased and does not soak, and therefore the appearance of the package remains in the original form throughout the time of use of detergent)Dishwashing detergent Mr. Washer in economical package of 5 liters: Package is specifically designed for catering, trade, food and other industries, health care, children's and educational institutions, as well as various service industriesEconomy Pack for the price of 40% -50% lower than a given amount of detergent in conventional packaging, the high quality of the product remains unchangedIt is also produced exclusively in transparent PET canister, giving the consumer to visually see the high quality of the products they purchased