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Rheology modifier


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Al2O3 • 2SiO2 • 2H2O Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1332-58-7
Diameter : 2 nm


Clear transparency Fast swelling capability High gel strength High viscosity at low shear Highly shear thinning High purity Lower cost alternative, opens up more price sensitive markets Controlled synthesis process yields particles of a consistent size, shape and uniformity – resulting in superior performance Application-ready in either powder or solution form – no processing needed Energy efficient synthesis means a reduced carbon footprint Shorter swelling time than alternatives Inorganic material that does not support microbial growth Fire resistant Non-toxic

Non-toxic Transparency Strength Fire resistant Anti-settling High viscosity at low shear Highly shear thinning

Manufacturer's Description

ShayoNano provides exceptional rheology control with our synthetic Indonite™ nanoclay. Indonite disperses readily when mixed in water, forming a transparent gel. In water, as little 2-3% by weight of this nanoclay forms a highly thixotropic gel.
Indonite is suitable for use in most formulations, making it one of the best choices as a thickening agent across a wide range of water based products.
Indonite™ is cost-efficient synthetic nanoclay suitable for use in a wide range of common industrial performance additive applications. Indonite can work as a rheology modifier, film-forming agent and adsorbent. Indonite is synthesized quickly and at relatively low temperature and pressure. This yields significant cost savings compared to alternatives. This lower cost can translate into tremendous growth potential to firms that will market Indonite-based performance additives to more price sensitive markets.