Renewable Energies

Nowadays, it is crystal clear that the generation of energy through new approaches is of pivotal importance in human being life due to the widely projected depletion of the fossil fuel reserves and the rapid increase in greenhouse gases. However, the development of renewable energies products is one of the greatest technological challenges in this century. There is a growing tendency for using nanotechnology in the renewable energies industrial sector, in which most worldwide leader manufacturers are using nanotechnology in many of their products. The renewable energies industrial sector contains a wide range of companies, which are busy researching, designing, manufacturing, and marketing new products to meet up-to-date consumer demands. The effects of nanotechnology on energy generation, transmission, storage, and consumption are numerous. Many nanostructures have been widely studied for renewable energy applications. The deposition of nano-scaled films on the surfaces of equipments, on the one hand, and the incorporation of special nanomaterials such as titanium dioxide, carbon nanotubes, fullerene, and silicon dioxide into products, on the other hand, ensue drastic alters in the properties and efficiency of the implements.

Nano-based products of the renewable energies industrial sector are classified into the following subdivisions:

1. Solar cells
2. Fuel cells
3. Batteries
4. Wind energies

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