Nanotechnology Products Database (NPD) provides a reliable source of information about nanotechnology products, currently used in a broad range of industrial applications.

Medicine 4
Energy 5
Petroleum 3
Textile 3
Cosmetic 2
Agriculture 2
Automotive 2
Home Appliance 3
Food 3
Sports and Fitness 3
Electronic 2
Printing 3
Construction 3
Environment 3

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  • The nanocellulose market is rapidly growing in Japan, having products introduced into the market in textiles and consumer goods. More ...

  • Global antimicrobial additives market is expected to grow at a relatively high CAGR of 8.0% during the forecast period of 2015 to 2025. More ...

  • China ranks first in order of comprehensive strength in the global graphene industry. More ...

  • Among different nanomaterials, diamond nanoparticles have been widely used as nanofluids for the enhancement of heat transfer. More ...

  • India is becoming the largest producer of nano fertilizers in the world. More ...

  • Automotive exhaust treatment and biomaterials are the two most widely used downstream businesses of the nano zirconia market. More ...

  • Carbon nanomaterials such as nanofibers, nanotubes, and graphite are the most commonly used in nanoproducts in sports industry. More ...

  • The key players of the quantum dot display (QLED) market reports are Samsung, LG, Sharp, CSOT, AUO, and BOE. More ...

  • Silver, titanium dioxide, and silicon dioxide nanoparticles are the most commonly used nanomaterials in nanotechnology products. More ...

  • More than 25% of the product types and 11% of the total products in NPD have anti bacterial activity. More ...


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