Sports and Fitness

Omnipresent in innovation today, nanotechnology is rapidly flourishing in the various areas of the sport industry to improve the proficiency of athletes, let them go beyond conventional boundaries to show their great aptitude, and help them to minimize the chance of being injured. Developments in this area is numerous since the innovative entrance of nanoscience in some details of the sport industry from sportswear to equipment have shown such a great influence on performances and outcomes that quite a lot of well-known sport-related manufacturers all over the world are exploiting the merits of cutting-edge nanotechnology in their productions. Incorporating special nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, fullerene, silica, titanium dioxide, and nanocomposites into produced structures, on the one hand, and depositing nano-scaled films on the surfaces of the equipment, on the other hand, ensue drastic alters in the properties and efficiency of the implements. Just to mention a few examples, increasing in the strength, stiffness, and stability of rackets, sticks, shafts, rods, frames, and arrows; reducing the weight of the equipment without any decline in quality; minimizing air loss from balls; improving the abrasion resistance of the equipment surfaces; and controlling speed gliding on water or ice are some of the profits of the usage of nanotechnology in the sport industry. Furthermore, reaching some appreciable properties such as water repellency, buoyancy, low drag, ultra lightweight, antibacterial effects, and body energy storage are conceivable aided by nanotechnology.
All the mentioned improvements are the fruits of nanotechnology emergence in the sport industry, resulting in the outreach of athletes’ dexterity and proficiency. Such an astonishing progress in the usage of nanotechnology in the field raises a new question as to whether or not the next generation will face up to the challenge of global competition between technologies instead of athletes.  
Nano-based products of the sport industry are classified into the following subdivisions:
1. Tennis rackets and strings
2. Badminton rackets and strings
3. Squash rackets and strings
4. Table tennis rubbers and bats
5. Kayaking including paddles
6. Swimming including eyewear
7. Golf clubs
8. Physical exercises including air grips
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