1. Nanotechnology Contributions at a Glance
With a focus on innovation, nanotechnology has defined new frontiers in science, bringing higher level of applications to industrial sectors in general and the automotive industry in particular. The automotive industrial sector contains a wide range of companies, which are busy researching, designing, manufacturing, and marketing transportation as well as heavy-duty vehicles to meet up-to-date consumer demands.

NPD contains data about 694 automotive nanoproducts of 83 various types. These products are introduced into global markets by 230 companies, the headquarters of which are located in 38 different countries. The products are classified into auto additives, parts, and maintenance sub-industrial sectors.

The most share of monitored nanoproducts are in the realm of auto maintenance, which are used in auto detailing to produce a show-quality cleanliness and polish or protect auto components. In this regard, various product types such as interior and exterior cleaners, detergents, shampoos, concentrates, waxes, and polishes are enabled or enhanced by nanotechnology. Moreover, sealants, finishes, and modifiers employed for protecting paints, glasses, windows, wheels, dashboards, and helmets are the other products which have also gained tremendous attention. The manufacturers active in producing auto parts are greatly interested in air filters, catalysts, tires, rear mirrors, plugs, restrictors, stamping foils, wide dead zone mirrors, granules, passenger vehicle transmission, battery sensors, brake pads, paints, and fan trays. As far as auto additives are concerned, companies are used nanotechnology to provide oils, fuels, revitalizants, and radiator coolants with improved features.

Nanoparticles, quantum dots, fullerene, porous materials, nanotubes, nanofibers, and whiskers, generally in the form of nanocomposites, provide the field with exclusive potential. Such nanoparticles as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, tungsten disulfide, carbon nanotube, and silicon oxide are used in engines, bodies, paints, adhesives, fuel systems, tires, lubricants, and filters, playing an important role in improving the fuel consumption, environmental impact through CO2-free engines, safety, quiet cars, self-healing body, light-weight construction, wear reduction, surveillance control, sustainability, and the comfort of the produced automotive. Tires reinforced with nanoparticles for better abrasion resistance, coatings such as paints with higher scratch resistance and water repellent ability, additives for enhancing engine efficiency, anti-fog solutions for windshields, and structural plastic parts with improved mechanical performance are the most conspicuous nanoproducts available on the global market.

2. Best-Performing Companies in Nanotechnology Exploitation ‎
‎There are quite a lot of nano-based manufacturers active in the automotive industrial sector all over the world, the most dominant of which are Donaldson Company Inc, NANOSKIN Car Care, SONAX GmbH, Nanolex Car Care, AMSOIL Inc, MARLY S.A, XADO, PRO-TEC BALTIJA, Aire-plus technology, Pyro Products Ltd, Combustion Technologies USA, Estremo International, NanoShine LTD, Proklear, Nano Materials & Processes, CerMet Lab Co, Koch-Chemie GmbH, Aqua Shield, Nano Ceramic Indonesia, Umicore automobile catalyst, H2OIL Corp, Nano Armor, NanoSave N1, Putoline Oil, Polaris NanoShield Paint, and NanoProMT.

3. Top Countries in Nanotechnology Promotion
‎Having considered the recorded companies, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Iran, Belgium, the UK, Chian, and Singapore are the most active countries in directing manufacturers’ interest into exploiting nanotechnology benefits for the prosperity of automotive industry.

4. Search String
The keywords used to build up the automotive industrial sector database are as follows:
Nano + wiper, anti-fog, anti-corrosion, anti-glare, paint, lights, mirrors, windows, rim sealant, seats and convertible roof, seat occupancy, filtration, climate control, super caps, sensors, tyre (tire), oil additive, gear oil additives, fuel additives, bike cleaning, air bag, steel, glass cleaner, paint sealant, polish sealant, car wash concentrate, wheel cleaner, screen cleaner, textile cleaner, and radiator additive.