Home Appliance

1. Nanotechnology Contributions at a Glance
A relatively new emerging but fast-growing science, nanotechnology offers fundamentally innovative capabilities to merge traditional approaches to state-of-the-art ideas for promoting human welfare. Nanotechnology provides a multitude of solutions for groups and individuals throughout all sectors of the domestic appliance industry, from start to finish so that nanoproducts comprise a noticeable portion of household appliance markets. From kitchens to sitting rooms, nanotechnology has something to say. Furniture, ceilings, carpets as well as domestic electric apparatus have been affected by nanotechnology.

NPD contains data about 333 nanoproducts of 75 various types in this sector. These products are introduced into global markets by 132 companies, the headquarters of which are located in 25 different countries. The products are classified into housecleaning, cooling and heating, dishes, cooking appliances, displays, and furniture sub-industrial sectors.

Various dishwashing machines, washing machines, detergents, finishes, and cleaners are categorized into the housecleaning sub-industrial sector. The cooling and heating sector contains refrigerators, magnetic refrigeration systems, fireplaces, and heaters. The dishes sector includes pans, pots, cookware, woks, porcelains, tea sets, slicers, bowls, serving soups, hot drinks holders, catering dish, tomato paste containers, salad dishes, and glassware. Ovens, gas hobs, microwaves, range cookers, and rice cookers are of the cooking appliances monitored. The displays sub-industrial sector comprises of various kinds of displays, touch foils, touch mirrors, touchpads, touch tables, i-backboards, and transparent conductive films. Mirrors, kitchen fittings, candlesticks, waste bins, and exhibition desks are also classified into the furniture sector.

Nanotechnology provides this sector with a wide range of amazing features, the most common of which are water hydrophobicity, self-cleaning, anti-dust or antibacterial effects. Many electrical domestic apparatus such as air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashing or laundry machines, vacuum cleaners and cooking tools, domestic water filtration systems are reported in this area. Insulting, filtrating, lighting, cooling, and heating are a number of benefits from nanoscience. Nanotechnology not only has the potential to save money for the appliers but also to save our environments. By the improvement in efficiencies and performance through the improvement or introducing properties to the appliances, our world in every aspect can enjoy from the progressing nanotechnolongy. In  this regard, a variety of nanomaterials are incorporated into home appliances, the most common of which are silver, silicon dioxide, titanium nitride, zinc oxide, and diamond nanoparticles.

2. Best-Performing Companies in Nanotechnology Exploitation
Among many companies which are involved in the production of nanotechnology products for the home appliance industrial sector all over the world, Hitachi, Lion Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co, LG Electronics Inc, Daewoo Electronic corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Co, Amore Kitchenware, Whirlpool Corporation, Amore Kitchenware, Gastrolux Cookware, Sun woo Inc, Beko, Suzhou Superimaging Technology, Nanogist Co, Blomberg, Yachticon, Armbruster Handelsgesellschaft, INTHERMO GmbH, INVEX GmbH, Nano-Clean, Nanolamina, Perlprotect, and Pinewood are the most active ones.

‎‎‎3. Top Countries in Nanotechnology Promotion
The most active countries in exploiting nanotechnology in the home appliance industrial sector are Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, Iran, China, Turkey, Denmark, Taiwan, and Sweden.

4. Search String
The keywords used to build up the home appliance sector database are as follows:
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