Nanotechnology Products Database (NPD) provides a reliable source of information about nanotechnology products, currently used in a broad range of industrial applications.

NPD, at a glance, is:
• An online data and analysis repository giving users an inventory of consumer products information.
• An open-access database contributing to promoting nanotechnology applications in commercial products.
• A gateway to the latest statistics on nanoproducts available on markets all over the world.

The primary mission of the database is to gather, analyze, and publish information about the products, the performance of which are improved by cutting-edge nanotechnology, considering either manufacturers’ assertion or NPD’s conjecture.
The verification is done on the basis of the definitions of nanotechnology and nanotechnology products, published in two international ISO standards under the numbers ISO/TS 80004-1:2015 and ISO/TS 18110:2015, respectively.

Data available for recorded products in NPD include:
• Brands which are introduced in markets;
• Product features which are improved by nanotechnology;
• Nanomaterials used in products plus relevant specifications;
• Certificates and approvals obtained by manufacturers or products.

Moreover, NPD is employed to constitute the following achievements:
• Investors to monitor and receive a proper vision of the process of nanotechnology commercialization across industrial sectors.
• Producers to be informed of the present situation of nanotechnology in the global market and circumstances in which they could exploit the merit of nanotechnology to attract customers and keep up with their competitors.
• Researchers to obtain a deeper understanding of applications and characteristics which various nanomaterials create in products to formulate their future studies towards applied research.
• Authorities, governments, and decision-makers to pursue effective policies and programs by being informed of the influence of nanotechnology penetration into industrial sectors on the economy, unemployment, and welfare, to name but a few.

All visitors are welcome to add a product to our database. NPD experts will examine the submitted products according to the international standards, and the products will be displayed on NPD in case they are considered nanotechnology products. So, feel free to submit your product here.