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Cottex® Tencel® 1240 Thread Count Bed Linen Set


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4
Diameter : 2 nm


Anti-bacterial Activity Moisture Resistance Antiodor Anti-static

Manufacturer's Description

Tencel® was developed by Austrian fabric company Lenzing. It is derived from original fibre by using nano technology for permeable, soft, anti-bacterial and soft texture.

100% natural Tencel®, cool and silky: derived from Eucalyptus extract to give cool texture and high air permeability; suitable for summer use. Some of the Tencel® quilt on the market do not use Tencel® on both sides, but Tencel® on one side and cotton at the bottom. Cottex® Tencel® bedding set use 100% Tencel® on both sides. The dual patterns allow customers to get two designs from one quilt. The advantage of Tencel®: soft as silk, strong as polyester, cools as linen, warm as wool, as absorbent as cotton.
Moisture absorption and perspiration, natural anti-bacterial: Tencel® boasts excellent moisture absorption rate of 50% higher than cotton. Tencel® can rapidly absorb or release water (sweat) based on climate change to provide a comfortable sleep environment. It does not leave excess water on skin to reduce breeding of bacterial. According to scientific research, Tencel® produced by nano technology minimises bacteria without adding any chemicals; while synthetic Tencel® is 2000 times faster in breeding bacteria.

Soft fiber suitable for sensitive skin: Tencel® is softer than wool and cotton, giving a comfortable touch to skin, especially suitable for sensitive skin. According to a dermatological report, Tencel® can increase people’s sense of happiness and comfort (reference: Dermatological study of the textile compatibility of TENCEL®, 2004, Univ.-Prof. Dr. T.L. Diepgen, Heidelberg, Germany)
International anti-nep and durable certificates: passed EU ISO 12945-1 anti-nep test and Germany DIN 12947 durable test. Tencel® fibre features hard texture to prevent shrinkage and retain colour and durability over long period of use.

Natural production procedures: Eucalyptus is a fast-growing tree which does not require manual watering and fertilizer. It does not generate any chemical during the production process, causing minimal harm to the environment.
Vibrant colour and fresh flavour: silky texture and vibrant colour; easy to wash compared with cotton bedding.
Washing method: Machine washable, use silk clothes wash function. Hand wash: do not soak in the water for too long to prevent damage to colour. Do not wash in hot water (over 45°C). Wash gently, do not wash with brush. Do not twist. Do not expose directly to the sun as it may damages the fibre. Wash separately. Anti-wrinkle; no ironing needed. Do not bleach