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Nano energy orthotic shoe insoles


Textile Shoes and Bag

Orthotic insole


1. Adjust the arch of foot It can make the feet of the 52 bone structure aligned arrangement, and then adjust frame, reducing the pressure back vertebrae and wear knee-hip section. 2. Adjust the nervous system Improving Irregular arrangement, improve energy and the organs of the body functions. 3. Promote Metabolism The special nano-materials can release far infrared light waves, can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, helping to reduce vascular obstruction, activation of cells, to assist the body of harmful substances and heavy metals discharged extraneous, and therefore relieve swelling and pain and sleep quality have a great effect. Reduce pressure, remove fatigue and improve the quality of sleep 4. Foot Massage: Foot massage can kidney reflex area, and promote human meridian circulation, regulating energy and enhance our body, so with the reproduction, growth and aging have a close relationship. 5. Anion effect High unit of negative ions, which can effectively alleviate the pressure to restore physical fatigue 6. Sterilization Function Aligns back and shoulders Relieves lower back pain Balances HIPS for easier movement Reduces stress on knee joints Cradles feet for improved stability

Metabolism enhancement Circulation improvement Far infrared production

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