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Advanced Nano tecnology magnetic therapy casual shoes


Textile Shoes and Bag



improve microcirculation of foot Inflammation and itching

Magnetic therapy

Manufacturer's Description

Enlaide multi-function health shoes have applied 37 patnets at home and abroad,including fice international and domestic invention patent,development tim is 28 years, have many factories to participate in, and invested the research capital more than usd 480.00, according to the bionics engineering mechanics, health care medicine principle,through the exquisite,unique air circulation and energy circulation system, thououghly subcerting the concept of conventional air conditioning shoes and combine the force of health foot and guard foot to one force.

1.born wind underfoot  warm in winter and cool in summer  dry and deodorant

Enlaide health-care air-conditioning shoes have a set of unique air circulation system, the air of shoes’ cavity will complete a cycle for each step. Implement inner circulation in winter and make the person feels warm and dry; Implement outer circulation in summer, thus achieve the effect of radiating and hydrofuge, really solve the problem of sweaty feet, stinking feet.  

Characteristic: the shape match up with foot perfectly  soft and comfortable  discharge sweat and deodorizinglight weight

2.Rebound help step   Help and protect the brain development

Enlaide health-care air-conditioning shoes have a set of exquisite energy circulation system, when feet on the ground absorb impact, and transfer the impact which harmful for human health t into potential energy in time and stored, and therefore, make the person has the same feeling as comfortable as foot on carpet. And when people feet up, this storage become potential energy and kinetic energy immediately, become strong elastic used to help step, make the person feels light. Specially help teenager’s brain development.

3.first-class damping performance protect brain easily walk reduce fatigue

scientific use of nano and magnetic therapy technology  beautification feet and Enlaide company health-care air-conditioning shoes making full use of magnetic therapy and far infrared health care technology, according to people’s feet and establish magnetic therapy points scientifically and improve the people's blood circulation and enhance multually explanatory of meridian-qidiminish inflammation