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Organic matcha preserve one's health for pregnant woman.


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rganic Matcha and nano type lactic bacteria SNK

JAS organic certification premium roasted Matcha!

The green tea will be used a lot of pesticides.

But green tea can not wash as vegetables.

So we do not use only organic Matcha.

The highly-flavoring pot-roasted organic green tea is the amount of production in Japan is small and rare. Also, it does not use any pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Further, the highly flavoring pot-roasted organic green tea having further enhanced flavor and deliciousness, and reduced astringency while keeping the gold color and the flavor peculiar to the pot-roasted green tea, enhancing the flavor and deliciousness and reducing the bitterness. The highly-flavoring pot-roasted organic green tea used in the tea ceremony, is made from a special variety of tea called Yabukita.

Green tea and lactic bacteria

The most important is to reduce the bad bacteria to increase the good bacteria is to prepare the intestinal flora!

Catechin contained in Matcha can increase the good bacteria killing only bad bacteria.

So Matcha and lactic bacteria is the strongest partner.