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Silent Sewage pipes and fittings polypropylene nanocomposite


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Polypropylene nanocomposite


Soundproof polymer composites are used to remove noise from pipes and fittings used in waterwaste transfer systems.
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This product is a masterbatch for silent pipes and fittings which contains nanoparticles. particles are spherical with the average particle size of 50 nm. It shows an increase in the elastic modulus, the yield strength and the impact resistance in the amount of 50, 15 and 80%, respectively. Nanoparticles promote mechanical properties which are dropped by addition of fillers. The high surface to volume ratio of nanopatricles which is considered as filler maximizes both the toughness and stiffness of polymers while having little effect on the tensile strength.

Impact Resistance Strength Stiffness

Manufacturer's Description

A noise is recognized as a component of industrial pollution especially in waterwaste transfer systems of commercial and residential property. It is also considered as an environmental issue that is a byproduct of technological development in modern society such as machinery, automobile, and appliances. The major objective in removing noise is to obtain a kind of material with high absorption rate and insulation efficiency for the frequency of the noise source. Inorganic particulate-filled polymer composites have good sound absorption and insulation characteristics besides light quality and high specific strength, etc.