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Golden Tea Set


Home Appliance Dishes

Tea Set


Manufacturer Asserted

Titanium Nitride

TiN Nanostructure Coating CAS Number : 7440-31-5
Diameter : 2 nm


Better corrosion, abrasion and erosion resistance due to nanometric structure of coating

Corrosion resistance Abrasion Resistance Erosion Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

In all Iranian homes, tea service is considered to be a catering requirement. Tea services is popular not only in Iran but also in western countries for teatime parties. Its history goes back to china. Accordingly, these kind of catering sets have come to market in a great variety and materials. In some parts of these tea sets, metals have been used. For instance, some trays and handles are made of metallic material. Since they are exposed to detergents and water, corrosion, abrasion and getting stained can occur. To this end, appropriate coatings have been developed which provide these properties in addition to beautiful appearance. TiN coatings have good corrosion and abrasion resistance properties. Moreover, they have beautiful golden color which make them interesting to decorative purposes. These ceramic coatings are safe in contact with food. In addition, they prevent dishes from getting stained and scratched which are exposed to water and detergents. The most common methods to deposit these coatings are Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Due to some specific properties of different PVD methods (Arc-PVD and sputtering) such as getting nanostructured coating, high speed of production and good coating quality, they have become more common for these kind of coatings.