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Nano Up Lift


Cosmetics Skin Care



Manufacturer Asserted

Hyaluronic acid

(C14H21NO11)n Nanoliposome CAS Number : 9004-61-9
Diameter : 2 nm


Wrinkle Resistance Biodegradability Collagen Production Biocompatibility

Manufacturer's Description

Nanovetores created an innovative technique based on sustainable nanotechnology. The development had as foundation the concepts of clean and green chemistry. The encapsulation systems are biocompatible and biodegradable, produced in aqueous base and free of organic solvents. The result is a safe, innovative and highly effective product.The nanoencapsulation of actives provides greater permeation of actives in the skin. Unlike the actives in their free form, the encapsulated actives can overcome the layer of the stratum corneum, reaching the epidermis and delivering maximum efficiency.

We work with liable particles, bigger than 200nm (nanometer), with biocompatible and biodegradable characteristics, which does not generate risks to users.

Essential oils and natural extracts are highly oxidative substances that quickly degrade and constantly react with other substances within the formulations (preservatives, fragrances, surfactants, etc.). With the encapsulation, the actives become stabilized and protected from degradation and reaction with the environment.We perform the control over the size of the capsules, and ensure that all of them have the proper permeation for each specific benefit.

The control of the capsules surface charge promotes the fixation of the capsules when in contact with the surface. Example: In products for hair application, the nanocapsules may have a positive surface charge that will be attracted by the natural negative hair’s charge.

Our process is clean, water-based, sustainable and free of organic solvents, inserting our products in the green chemistry concept. We do not produce waste that may be harmful to the users and the environment.

The main function of the encapsulation process is to protect the active and increase its permeation. Besides that, the Nanovetores capsules are composed by biopolymers or lipids. This way, they also act as an active.