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Q10 (Vitamin C and E)

Diameter : 2 nm


The Fruit Therapy Nano line is premised on the use of Microcapsules with Vitamin E, Nanotechnology and Fruit Extracts. This combination achieves the perfect result of hair treatment. The Melon and Macadamia Line is highly moisturizing, highly effective for the recovery of dry and dry hair.

Hair Strengthening Hair Revitalizing Hair Volumizing Hair Moisturizing Hair Energizer Hair Growth Promotion Hair Nourishing

Manufacturer's Description

The Fruit Therapy Nano Melon line + Macadamia was developed for the care of dry hair. Its formulas are enriched with:

Melon Extract - Active with very high water content that helps to keep the wires moisturized, soft and shiny;
D Extract and Macadamia - softener active which helps in reducing split ends and moisturize dry, dull hair;
Vitamin E Microcapsules - These are microcapsules that carry Vitamin E inside and rupture only at the time of washing. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and makes wires younger and more resistant. The great advantage of this product is that Vitamin E is delivered directly to the scalp, increasing the effectiveness and guaranteeing the integrity of the product.
Silicone Nano-Emulsion - This active is an aminic silicone emulsion (highly conditioning) that, because of its very small size, is able to penetrate the hair fiber and treat the wire from the inside out.
pHs :
    Shampoos: 5.5

    Conditioner, Leave-in and Mask: 4.0

 FREE OF PARABENOS (Preservatives harmful to threads);
PETROLATOS FREE (Petroleum derivatives, such as petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin and mineral oil);
Shampoos contain no SAL;
All Line products are NOT TESTED IN ANIMALS.