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Capillary Growth Vitamin Pump Kit


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Manufacturer's Description

Capillary Growth Vitamin Pump Kit 
Growth of 4 to 8 cm per month.

Woman who loves and loves to take care of her hair!


The Kollob Vitamin Pump Kit has come to make your life easier! Enough of homemade mixes, here has everything you need for your hair to grow.
An innovative product that will aid in healthy growth, avoiding falling, breaking wires, combating dryness, and with tremendous restorative power. Thus leaving your hair more and more hydrates, strong and long.
Come with us, and let us be part of your Rapunzel story.



Technology and benefits 

•Arginine: Helps prevent hair loss, considered one of the major protein components in the scalp and hair since it accounts for almost 9% of all amino acids in the hair fiber.
•Arnica: It has extracts that help in the control of oiliness and hair loss.
•Babosa: It has nutrients that strengthens the yarn provides shine and vitality, with eighteen amino acids essential for the formation of proteins.
•Biotin: A B-complex vitamin that helps prevent hair loss and dandruff, strengthening the hair. 
•B-Pantol: Regenerates and moisturizes wires. Chicory: Provides shine and softness to the hair.
•Wheat Germ: It has nutrients that act on the structure of the wire, in addition to helping to avoid falling.
•Castor Oil: Strengthen the strands, combats falling breakage, contains vitamin E, minerals that assists in healthy hair growth.
•Provitamin A and C: They are essential vitamins, protecting the hair from the aggressions of the day to day.
•It helps in the formation of collagen and maintenance and integrity of the capillary walls, besides helping in the development of the wire.
•Nettle: They have components that allow a reduction to thinning hair, strengthening thinning hair making it tougher and healthier.