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Anti-inflammatory Microcirculation improvement Anti-fat Thermogenic

Manufacturer's Description

Anti-fat Thermogenic Gel with Extract of Carnivorous Plant Sundew Adipo-Trap 3% + Nanovetor Cellulitech 5 %

Gel qsp  60ml  
Dosage : Massage in the desired place 2x a day.

The biggest villain of female beauty is undoubtedly cellulite, it affects about 70 - 80% of women regardless of whether or not they are overweight.Milligram provides an innovative anti-cellulite treatment and localized fat reducer, the Anti-Fat Spray, with the so-called Sundew (Drosera Ramentacea) Carnivorous Extract known as Adipo-Trap® . The active has proven clinical studies for reducing cellulite and measures, and is a promising alternative to enhance female beauty. 

The gel acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to "deflate" cellulite. It can be applied to body parts with higher amounts of fat, such as flanks, belly, thighs and even the arms.  

The ADIPO-Trap® is a slimming, contouring and cellulite. It is an active ingredient extracted from a carnivorous plant called Drosera Ramentacea, formed by phytocomplexes that reduce the size of adipocytes, demonstrates efficient lipolytic effect.  

Clinical studies:

Adipo-Trap® reduced the circumference of the thigh by 1.4 cm in only 2 weeks and by 1.6 cm in 4 weeks, therefore it is able to act quickly in the reduction of subcutaneous fat, thus having a weight loss and remodeling action. 

The formulation containing Adipo-Trap® 3% already showed effect in 2 weeks, with 1% reduction of cellulite. After 4 weeks of treatment, the results of the clinical evaluation showed a reduction of 5.5% of cellulite. The control formulation showed no effect after 2 weeks, while Adipo-Trap® was already active. After four weeks of application, the result was 21.3% greater reduction when compared to the control.  

One of the parameters on cellulite that is less advertised by cosmetic products but which is often perceived by consumers as one of the most annoying is pain. Cellulite, especially in the most severe forms, is often characterized by a chronic pain sensation. The results show that the product containing 3% Adipo-Trap® is able to effectively reduce pain by 8.8% in just 2 weeks. After 4 weeks of treatment, the product containing 3% Adipo-Trap® was able to reduce the pain perceived by the volunteers in 23.5%, thanks to the high anti-inflammatory power.  

Nano Celullitech acts on localized fat burning, reducing the orange peel appearance. It acts in the treatment of gynoid lipodystrophy and in the reduction of measurements, imparting draining, anti-inflammatory, anti-free radicals, lipogenesis reductive and lipolysis activator with significant microcirculation improvement.