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Miracle Eyes Nano Gel Área dos Olhos 13g


Cosmetics Skin Care

Eye Firming Gel


Vitamin C

Diameter : 2 nm


Ultra moisturizing with lifiting effect Corrects wrinkles and softens the lines around the eyes, as well as soften dark circles and signs of tiredness Protects, regenerates, softens, soothes and lightens the skin Improves microcirculation by softening the appearance of fatigue Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, restoring the elasticity and firmness of the skin (eliminates flaccidity) With physiological pH respecting the delicate eye area Lightening, moisturizing, firming, antioxidant, draining, filling and regenerating Ophtalmologically Tested In only 7 days, 67% of the volunteers showed an increase in the lifting effect by 17% After 10 minutes of application, 57% of the volunteers showed improvement in the tensor effect in 11% High moisturizing power and reduces the roughness of the skin leaving it thinner Increases skin firmness and elasticity and decreases wrinkle depth by promoting progressive skin filling Promotes blood vessel clearance Ideal for treatment of wrinkles, flaccidity, dark circles and bags in the eye region

Wrinkle Resistance Microcirculation improvement Skin Moisturizing Circulation improvement Skin Lightening Eye Dark Circle Removal

Manufacturer's Description

The Nano Biotrat Eye Area Gel is a complete and safe dermocosmetic to take care of the signs of stress and age around the eyes. It combines a combination of actives that reduce and prevent the formation of melanin and vascular eye circles. With a blend of nourishing active ingredients, moisturizing, draining, repairing and firming action, visibly improves the appearance of the eyelids, reducing dark circles, wrinkles and sagging. Immediate and long lasting lifting effect, perfect for use before makeup. Ophtalmologically tested.