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Marezi Nano Moisturizing Soap 500ml


Cosmetics Skin Care



Improves skin texture Maintains the natural balance of the skin Hygienizes deeply without harming the skin's natural protective barrier Purifies, moisturizes and promotes softness while sanitizing Helps restore skin elasticity Rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins Eliminates accumulated residues in the pores It has nutritional, remineralizing and invigorating effects Restorer and regenerator of the epidermis

Skin Hydrating Skin Rejuvenation

Manufacturer's Description

The Marezi Liquid Soap is ideal for daily use, leaves the skin clean and fragrant. Inspired by the richness of the marine depths, Marezi liquid soap deeply cleanses the skin stimulating its tonus, thanks to the Algae and Aloe Vera extracts. Its soft and delicate texture provides softness, smoothness and hydration, repairing the skin and enhancing the feeling of freshness for longer. With moisturizing and remineralizing action, revitalizes the skin with each use, leaving it soft, fresh and velvety. It can be used on all skin types, especially the most dry and devitalized.

Nanovetor Ultra-Moisturizer promotes deep and prolonged hydration. It is ideal for delicate and dry skin such as feet and hands, in addition to promoting an excellent sensory.