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Shampoo Hidratante com Batana Oil


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Hair Strengthening Hair Revitalizing Hair Moisturizing

Manufacturer's Description

Promotes  proper cleaning and conditioning to the wires.

In addition to being rich in Batana Oil, Nano Oil Line products are potentiated with Pro-vitamin B5, Shea Butter, Macadamia and Olive Oil and Amino Acids (cysteine, serine and arginine). These assets in conjunction with Batana Oil, act by treating the entire capillary complex as follows:

It repairs from the small ones to the greater damages existing in the wires;
They reconstruct the physical and chemical structures of the yarns, through its vitamin and protein complex, returning proteins, lipids and amino acids;
It nourishes the scalp and bulb giving more strength and resistance to the wires.
Nano Oil Line products have been developed for dry hair and very damaged by chemical processes such as dyeing, discoloration, progressive, and thermal processes such as flat iron and brush.

Batana Oil in Nanoencapsulated form, contributes to the permeation of the product, potentializing its action.
Unique, ultra-emollient formulas that promote differentiated hydration and repair.
Replacement of mass lost during daily exposure to sun damage, wind, hot water, brushing and chemical treatment.
All the products of the line promote sensorial differentiated to the threads, leaving them naturally loose, with remarkable brightness, besides extremely soft and hydrated.