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Nano Oil - Batano Oil Nanoencapsulated


Cosmetics Hair Care

Hair Repair


It contributes to the repair of capillary damages, from the small ones to the greater damages existing in the wires; It has Batana Oil in Nanoencapsulated form, which allows a greater permeation and fixation in the wires, being distributed in a uniform and intelligent way, acting directly on the capillary damages. It has light texture and fast absorption, leaving no oily residue on the wires, which allows its indication for all types of hair.

Hair Revitalizing

Manufacturer's Description

Known as the "Golden Elixir of Nature", Ojon Oil or American Oil, Batana Oil is extracted from the walnut of a typical palm of the Caribbean region and has been used for centuries by natives of Honduras in Central America, which has throughout its cultivation the basis of sustenance of entire communities and tribes. These natives call it "Precious Liquid" or "The Miracle of the Caribbean", since besides being its main source of income, it promotes true miracles in favor of the beauty of the hair and also of the skin. 

This legendary oil is rich in AGE (Essential Fatty Acids) and nutrients similar to those in the hair fiber, thus possessing a high treatment capacity for damaged hair, aiding in the reconstruction of the hair fiber.

In addition to being rich in Nanoencapsulated Batana Oil, Nano Oil Facinatus has omegas 6, 7 and 9, Macadamia and Buriti Oils, and special silicones. These assets in conjunction with Batana Oil further promote:


Restoration of yarn flexibility;
Thermal protection;
Superior gloss without oiliness;
Reduction of volume;
Conditioning, keeping the wires loose and soft.