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Color Revitalizing Mask Illuminated Brunettes


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UV Protection Anti-oxidant Hair Revitalizing Hair Moisturizing Thermal protection

Manufacturer's Description

Olenka Cosmetics has been seeking in nature what is most modern and effective in moisturizing and revitalizing the color. Through natural pigments, Olenkolor Olenka Revitalization Masks promote the highest performance and durability of color without giving up treatment and deep hydration. Assets complexed through nanotechnology allow for the deepest absorption and durability of the pigments.

Enriched with natural pigments.

Noble silicones: thermal protectors, activators of gloss and softness. They unbind and provide a velvety touch to the hair.

Vitamins E and C: antioxidants and protectors of capillary DNA and color, protect against UV rays.

Calamus oil: provides emollience and silkyness and increases the strength of the yarns. It has anti-rusting properties. Revitalizes and improves yarn flexibility. Contains high content of natural resins, which aid in the modeling and durability of chemical actions.

Natural extracts: jabuticaba, blueberry, blackberry and goji berry. Complexed by means of nanotechnology, the pigments confer maximum absorption, without drying the threads. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins E and C and B complex, minerals and amino acids, key to color durability.