Registration Date 22 Apr 2018
Revision Date 22 Apr 2018

Cicatri Shampoo Nano Amazon


Cosmetics Hair Care



Hair Strengthening Hair Moisturizing Hair Nourishing

Manufacturer's Description

The Nano Amazon line is the "living proof" of years of research and development in which Kaedo was present and active with the main laboratories in the world to bring to the cosmetic market products of incomparable results, with a cost benefit and that fit within the concept of a vegan treatment

A vegan cosmetic does not have to do with being natural or organic, but with the fact of not having ingredients of animal origin or being tested on animals. Veganism is a philosophy of life that aims to abolish the use and exploitation of animals for any human activity: food, entertainment, beauty, etc.


The first brand of professional cosmetics to launch a basin line with 2.5L of pure vegan treatment for a cleansing and effective scalp and hair fiber during hair washing.

This incredible shampoo of treatment has been developed to act on the threads cleaning them effectively and without attacking the hair fiber. Its formula is "Free", which means that this product is free of Parabens, Minerals, Sodium Chloride and without any animal origin. Its composition still contains Oils Babaçu, Ojon, Murumuru and Butter from Tucumán, which guarantee a moisturizing, emollient, strengthening, repairing and nourishing action, thus ensuring a healthy appearance and incredible shine to the hair.