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Calcium carbonate

CaCO3 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 471-34-1
Diameter : 2 nm


This product is particularly used for manufacturing of automotive cooling fan tray.
Automotive cooling fan tray


It is known as a PP compound containing nanoparticles. Adding the nanoparticles increases its impact strength and decreases its elongation significantly. The introduction nanofiller in the structure of a composite can develop the interaction strength between the polymer matrix and nanometric filler, which can increase significantly the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. Incorporation of calcium carbonate nanoparticles can lead to higher impact resistance associated with higher elastic modulus.


Manufacturer's Description

Thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics are two separate classes of polymers, which are differentiated based on their behavior in the presence of heat. The material difference between the two is that thermoplastics can be remelted, while thermoset plastics remain in a permanent solid state once hardened. As a result of these physical qualities, thermoplastic materials have low melting points while thermoset plastic products can withstand high temperatures without losing austerity. Because polypropylene (PP) is low in cost but has outstanding mechanical properties and moldability, it accounts for more than half of all the plastic materials used in automobiles. The growth of PP compounds for automotive applications has thus far been supported by the improved performance of PP resins which serve as the base of PP compounds and advancements in compound technology. Inorganic fillers are added in order to improve the performance of PP. The impact strength increases when the calcium carbonate is dispersed throughout its matrix.