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All NANODIY inks are water based. The temperature activates Nanodiy binders in the ink and combines the color pigments with the fabric in which the printing is applied.

NANODIY is a new fabric transfer technique in Brazil, but it is already widely used abroad due to its low cost, high durability and inexhaustible possibilities of use. Its definition is basically the bonding of paint and textile binder which is activated by means of a color stabilizer. In contact with the stabilizer and the temperature effect of the thermal press, the binders are activated and bind the pigments to the fabric. NANODIY technology allows the transfer of colors in the 100% cotton fabric, with definition superior to the screen printing, high adhesion in the fabric (more than 40 washes) and an economical production, being necessary, besides the kit Nanodiy, only a printer with bulkink and press thermal.

Are you tired of refusing orders with low print runs? With this technique you can swim arm in this niche and earn high, without having to produce canvases, touch with paints and everything that involves screen printing. And the best, with superior quality than screen printing! 

With Nanodiy technology you can create super-colored and attractive prints and transfer them to a wide variety of fabrics, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, polyamide and others. Due to its easy and fast process, you can assemble your printing at home, or expanding your product portfolio, such as bags, cushions, unique T-shirts, and more.