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Cosmetics Make-up

Nail Polish


* pH stability: 4.0 to 8.0. * Solubility: dispersible in water. * Use: Add to the formulation below 40 ° C under gentle stirring. * Storage: Keep at temperature between 20ºC and 25ºC.

Anti-microbial activity Nail Nourishing Nail recovery Nail Moisturizing Nail Strengthening

Manufacturer's Description

Nano Nails is a natural and highly technological cosmetic ingredient consisting of a blend of essential oils encapsulated 
in high permeation nanoparticles with proven clinical efficacy in the repair of damaged, opaque, 
whitish and brittle nails normally diagnosed as leukonychia.

- Lemongrass is a perennial grass native to India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand, from which it extracts an essential oil whose 
main component is Citral (Geranial), most responsible for the antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and 
analgesic properties of this (TASKINEN, MATHELA, MATHELA, 1983; CHANDRASHEKAR, PRASANNA, 2010).

- Melaleuca is a plant native to Australia, used since ancient times by aborigines primarily as an 
antiseptic. Studies have shown that terpen-4-ol, the main component of this essential oil, is responsible for 
antiseptic and antimicrobial actions against fungi, yeasts and gram negative bacteria. According to HAMMER et al., 2006, 
melaleuca essential oil may cause allergic reactions in pre-disposed individuals, and these reactions are caused not by the oil 
itself, but by by-products of the oxidation reaction of the oil components that are formed by the exposure to light and oxygen.

- Encapsulation in nanoparticles minimizes the active oxidation and skin irritation caused by certain actives and their 
oxidation byproducts because it promotes controlled release and protects the active from interaction with the other components of the 
formula, thus reducing the potential of oxidation in this medium. Another benefit of encapsulation is the reduction of the characteristic odor 
of Melaleuca, which allows the perfuming of the formulation with the desired fragrance.

- The clove is a dried flower bud of a tree native to the Moluccas Islands, Indonesia. The properties 
of clove essential oil are attributed to its main constituent, eugenol. The effectiveness of nail application products is compromised by the 
complexity of the nail structure that makes access to the nails difficult. The technology developed and patented by Nanovetores, 
present in the Nano Nails, favors the increase of permeation of the nanoencapsulated assets to the deeper layers of 
the nail plate, where the active will have an effective, safe and fast action.