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Graphene-Coated Solar Panels


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C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


When creating electricity from sunlight, the graphene coated solar panels work in as much as the same way as the traditional panels that are laid out on roof tops in many homes and work places does. But when the sun hides behind the clouds and it is raining, it is then that the graphene coated cells in the panel becomes active. Graphene separates the ammonium, calcium and sodium ions in the rain from the water. These ions stick to the electrons in graphene creating a dual layer pseudo- capacitor system which generates electricity.


Manufacturer's Description

Graphene-coated solar panels are designed to absorb sun rays and convert them into electricity. Sun, being the ultimate source of life, is also the ultimate source of energy. The energy that it provides is more than enough to meet the demands of the whole world. Lack of advanced knowledge, innovations and technical breakthroughs in this field has caused this vast and omnipresent reserve to remain underutilized.

Research and development, though, has always been in full swing and whatever energy we are presently able to tap is only because of the breakthroughs made by our dedicated researchers from all over the world. From identifying the potential to creating electricity, solar power energy has made great headways in the last few decades.

Dozens of PV cells are packed together into solar modules which are in turn placed in solar panels that are installed on the roof tops or on open field.

Solar panels made of solar cells which are coated with thin film of graphene are called graphene-coated solar panels.

Scientists have come up with new discoveries which can overcome such problems. They have identified the ‘wonder properties’ of graphite which could be used to redefine electricity generated through solar panels. The new graphene-coated solar panels helps in creating electricity using rain drops.

A team of four Chinese scientists from Yunnan University and the Ocean University of China have discovered how the application of graphene to solar panels could turn rain into pure energy. Cloud and rain diminishes the efficiency of solar cells in places that are more overcast than sunny.