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Agriculture Fertilizers



Smaller dosages: Savings in the transportation of products and fewer packages to be discarded, reducing operating costs and reducing environmental impact. Higher absorption speed: Due to the smaller size of its particles, the nutrients are facilitated by the pores and stomata, as well as the normal absorption pathways (via cuticles, when solubilized). This promotes rapid utilization, avoiding or correcting nutritional deficiencies more quickly. Less risk in mixing: By using nutrients of lower solubility, the problems of tank mixtures, especially with other products applied together, are minimized. This results in less rework and saves time spent on crop management.

Absorption Enhancement Crop Yield Enhancement Increase productivity

Manufacturer's Description

By utilizing nutrients from different sources in very small particles associated with Schist Extract, Microxist has developed innovative products.

Products with Nano X technology have a higher rate of absorption and better utilization of nutrients by crops compared to conventional products. This provides better plant nutrition, increasing productivity, grain and fruit quality, and faster recovery of symptoms of deficiency.

Logistics is also favored in products with Nano X technology, which represents savings in packaging volume and time spent handling. Indirectly, the technology also offers the advantages of having greater tank compatibility with pesticides and generating a lower risk of Phytotoxicity to crops.


Provides a complex of nutrients essential to the development of most crops. The humic acids present in the formulation improve the absorption and nutrient utilization of plants.

Cultures: Soybeans, rice, corn, beans and wheat.