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Liquid NPK


Agriculture Fertilizers



• Improves seed germination and plant vigor; • Improves the development of the root system; • Increases NPK availability; • Increases photosynthesis, with positive effects on productivity; • Promotes the natural resistance of plants; • Systemic (Soil Absorbed); • Eliminates cost with spreader, and can still fractionize the amount; • Fast absorption; • Chelated, and can be applied to the syrup of the herbicide, fungicide and / or insecticide. • It reduces the vulnerability of plants to situations of stress; • Contributes to the increase of fruit weight and size;

Metabolism enhancement Nutritional Plant Metabolism Acceleration

Manufacturer's Description

It is a nano-particulate fertilizer derived from phytormonic plant extracts, NPK-Liquid has a complex macro-nutrients most important for the development of the plant. It acts directly on nutrition by improving metabolism and activating nutritional balance by supplying any lack of macro nutrients from all cultures.

Liquid fertilizers offer a lower surface contact with the soil. This allows a slower release of nutrients and therefore less leaching losses.

We have specific NPK concentration options for each phase of the plant or according to its soil analysis. We formulate NPK with higher levels of potassium (k) NPK 10-10-30 or 05-15-30. Suitable for the formation of fruits and seeds or even for correction of poor potassium soils. For adult plants it is interesting to apply maintenance fertilizers in dosages such as NPK 18-18-18 or 20-20-20. These will provide a nutrient balance to the plant, strengthening it. Maintenance fertilizers may also be applied to newly transplanted plants or to substrate exchanges.