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Construction Masonry Materials

Waterproof Solution


Proven to revitalize and protect glass fiber, paint, plastics, vinyl, stainless steel, gel coating and powder coating Promotes extreme resistance against scratches and bad weather It has innovative self-cleaning properties - as well as being chemically and solvent-proof - making it easy to maintain and clean the surface Ensures the longevity of the surface, keeping its good in the best possible conditions for resale It is recommended for application in all types of transport, for automotive, architectural and marine use.

Scratch Resistance Weatherability UV Protection Abrasion Resistance Chemical resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Nano-Clear is one of those products that look too good to be true! You may wonder.

The results show that Nano-Clear has outperformed all other protective coating products in different aspects including UV resistance, salt spray, water immersion, scratch resistance, abrasion and chemistry. Nano-Clear is already used in large scale by the largest agricultural producers in Brazil, protecting their machinery against weather, weather and chemicals (degreasers, fertilizers and fertilizers).

Research shows that every time you clean and polish a surface, you are actually breaking the coating on it - leaving the surface unprotected leading to fading, staining and oxidation.

Nano-Clear® is manufactured using nanostructured polymers with 3D properties, producing an extremely dense reticle.

Nano-Clear provides the surface, extreme resistance to chemicals, corrosion, abrasion and UV, reducing its maintenance. Nano-Clear penetrates deeply into the pores of fresh paints or already oxidized / faded paints to intensify color, improve gloss, dramatically increase surface hardness, and enhance long-term chemical and UV resistance.

Nano-Clear is a mono-component environment-curing coating with highly cross-linked polyurethane and polyurea hybrid.

With this exceptionally high density grid, tests prove that Nano-Clear is the best clearcoat in the world for scratch, abrasion, chemical, weather and more. Check out the test results on the last page.

Nano-Clear has a low viscosity (200cps), so it penetrates the micro pores of newly painted or oxidized paints, transforming the opaque and scratched layers, restoring the original color and fortifying and hardening the surface.

Even performing curing at room temperature and humidity, Nano-Clear quickly hardens and strengthens the painted surface, restoring color and preventing future risks with its long-term UV protection.

Note: Nano-Clear should be applied to the surface on an existing coating or paint before it has deteriorated, peeled or corroded. Nano-Clear is not a rust converter. Rust or peeled paint should be removed and repainted before with an ink or coating.