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Soil Remedation


- Can be applied with a simple watering can or suitable machinery. - Non-corrosive, non-toxic. - Does not attack or contaminate the application equipment. - Can be stored under freezing conditions. - Mix according to the need of the soil of the region to be treated. - Cumulative effect after first application, with maintenance. - Ecologically and environmentally safe. - Resistant to ultraviolet rays. - Flexible interlacings, not brittle. - Does not attack the human being, animal life, marine or vegetation. - Scientifically formulated and patented.

Non-toxic UV Protection Oil resistance Flame resistance Non-corrosive

Manufacturer's Description

When applied in the soil, in situ, the molecules of copolymers added to the nano particles, act intertwining and forming a mesh that strongly joins soil and aggregates. 
NANOGLUD is environmentally correct because it uses the soil in natura, either to pave or stabilize. The soil becomes a solid, yet flexible, durable and water-resistant mass. 
Higher application rates generated cement-like results, useful for the construction of sub-bases needed in road constructions. 
It is the most resistant soil stabilizer marketed by Polynano. 

Use the local soils, in situ, be they sandy, silty or clayey. After curing it does not show cracks, because the mass becomes flexible and resistant.
NANOGLUD becomes completely transparent once cured, leaves the landscape as before application. Resistant to flammable and petroleum based solvent actions. 
It can be dyed looking for the ideal coloring for the area to be treated, an option to match the colors of the places where it will be applied.