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Serum Nano Redutor de Olheiras 15g


Cosmetics Skin Care

Eye Serum


Skin whithening Eye Dark Circle Removal Eye Bag Removal

Manufacturer's Description

Lightening agent for eye area, dark circles. Nanotechnology at the service of your health and beauty! Available in pack of 15g.


Natural Nano Line 's products   contain assets developed with nanotechnology.

Nano are natural release systems of active principles. These are basically lipid nanostructures of phospholipid origin. They are selective and controlled transport systems, structural analogues of the cellular membranes that also are constituted by phospholipids

In addition to being structures analogous to those of our organism, and therefore more natural, Nano potentiates efficacy and diminishes the unwanted effects of the active principles of its formulations.  

The  Nano Eye Reducer  is a whitening product for the eye area. It helps correct problems related to the eye area: luminosity, pigmentation and anti-free radicals (antioxidant).

Check how each asset works:

Nano lightening® : A nanotechnology-based vitamin C- only active , by means of naturally occurring nanolipids , allowing it to remain stable and to have a controlled and prolonged release. It has potent antioxidant activity (inhibition of free radicals) and important role in the stimulation of collagen in the skin (anti-aging). Prevents damage caused by solar radiation and aging (photoaging); it is also whitening , avoiding and lightening blemishes on the skin.

Thioglycolic nano is thioglycolic acid encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles. It has a long release, releasing its contents within 10 hours after application of the product. Thioglycolic acid is alpha-hydroxyacid which has been shown to be more effective in the treatment of hyperpigmentations of various etiologies. It is indicated for the treatment of spots of ocher skin, especially in the cases of dark circles, besides presenting good results to ameliorate dark spots in the legs.