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Age Inverse Nanoage


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Age Inverse Nanoage has an association of nanoencapsulated active ingredients and growth factors to combat and prevent signs of aging. Resveratrol: An antioxidant that potentiates the natural antioxidant mechanisms of the skin, increasing the defenses of the skin against external aggressions. This active acts directly on cellular DNA, slowing down the biological aging process and repairing and reestablishing the skin density. Retinol: Anti-wrinkle action with stimulation to the synthesis of collagen, providing greater tonicity, firmness and elasticity to the skin. Carnosine: A natural molecule, it combines the antiglicting action with the antioxidant action. ? Vitamin E: Antioxidant action? Growth Factor: high penetration active that stimulates the synthesis of Collagen via tissue growth factor (TGF-Beta),

Wrinkle Resistance Anti-oxidant Collagen Production Anti-sagging effect

Manufacturer's Description

Ultra-concentrated gel-cream suitable for the treatment of wrinkles, sagging and dry skin. Developed with assets with nanotechnology, it allows for a deeper and more effective pro-aging action. Age Inverse Nanoage contains a potent combination of active ingredients for the intensive treatment of wrinkles, loss of density and dry skin.BENEFITS:? Pro-cellular longevity action; ? Proven efficacy in improving skin density; ? Powerful antioxidant action; ? Strengthens, protects and repairs damage to the skin; ? Stimulating the production of collagen; ? Reduction of wrinkles and increase of firmness and elasticity; ? Texture gel cream of quick absorption Volum: 45g