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Construction Masonry Materials

Self-cleaning Coating


Industrial equipment, lines, storage tanks and structures · Railway tanks · Gas pipes and flammable liquids · Fuel tanks and chemical products · Cranes and land transport vehicles · Marine vessels · Epoxy floors · Structures and industrial buildings · Transformers · Equipment of air conditioning · Pumps and hydraulic valves · Oil platforms · Gas and liquid pipelines
Tanks Vehicle trims Valves Air-conditioners Marine applications Pipelines Epoxy


Self-cleaning UV Protection Durability Light scratches protection Chemical resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Nano-Clear is the only RESTORATIVE on the market that is applied to existing worn coatings and not only renews them to their original condition but provides them with considerable improvements in durability, chemical resistance, resistance to UV radiation and scratches superior to coatings previously. applied.

This restoration generates significant savings in the cost of maintaining the surfaces by avoiding mechanical cleaning (Sandblast or manual mechanical cleaning) and considerably improves the image of the surfaces in the long term.

Nano-Clear Restores and protects all types of metal surfaces, fiberglass, plastics, vinyl, stainless steel, aluminum and also all types of coated surfaces in general, EXTENDS THE LIFE OF THE COATINGS WHERE IT APPLIES, provides a unique resistance and Extreme weathering in acidic and highly corrosive environments, high scratch resistance with innovative self-cleaning properties, as well as chemical resistance, avoiding coating wear due to environmental conditions and chemical agents.