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PVC membrane


Construction Structural Materials

Waterproof PVC


Manufacturer Asserted

Polyvinyl Chloride

(C2H3Cl)n Nanoporous CAS Number : 9002-86-2


• Guarantee zero leaks during 10 years and life time of up to 30 years. • Resistance to fuels, oils and chemical products. • Independent system that is not damaged when there is a fracture of the slab. • Can be applied on concrete slabs or corrugated sheets. • 100% maintenance-free throughout its useful life. • Does not require previous leveling of the surface. • Savings of up to 20% in Electric Power to maintain the tempered surface. • Reduce energy costs produced by the use of heating and cooling equipment inside the buildings. (Energy saving by reducing the use of air conditioning by up to 40%.) The effects of heat are reduced and there is greater insulation between the interior temperature of the building and the outside. • In case of modification in the surface or installation of equipment, the surface is sealed without losing the guarantee. • Certified personnel are used for its installation. • It is a non-contact containment waterproofing. • The system has the highest standards of quality in the membrane such as the SYSTEM ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS16949, CCC, TUV. • The PVC membrane has self-extinguishing properties and UL and FM certification.

Energy saving Flexibility Salt Resistance UV Protection Chemical resistance Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

The reinforced PVC membrane, is a maintenance-free system that guarantees absolute impermeability for up to 30 years, presenting extreme resistance against UV rays and acidic and saline environments. It has an Energy Star / CRRC Certification (which reflects the 88 % of UV rays, keeping the surfaces tempered, generating savings in energy consumption)

This material is very flexible and is formulated to guarantee absolute impermeability, controlled elasticity.