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NANO Energizer


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Nano Energizer is recommended for cars with a use of at least 3,000 km. For its repairing power the effect is better for old cars. It can be used in any type of vehicle that uses mineral and synthetic oil. For gasoline, diesel and gas engines.
Automotive Motorcycle Gasoline Engine Diesel Engine


Excellent ceramic and platinum coating. The nano ceramic powder mixed with the engine oil restores the worn parts of the engine. The cracked parts have a high electrical potential and the charged particles move selectively within the cracked parts. The tight cohesion of metallic platinum is driven by heat and pressure. After restoration, the cracked parts of the engine are recovered and the nano ceramic powder forms a lubricating membrane on the inner wall of the engine. The fuel saving is 8% up to 21% (up to 40% in idle mode). 5 times less noise and vibration levels of the engine. Restores surfaces damaged by friction and protects against wear. Reduce the coefficient of friction by 100 times. Increase in oil pressure and high combustibility. It takes the power of the engine up to 100%. Reduces the CO and CH emissions in the exhaust from 3 to 9 times. Good product for the environment. Safe and guaranteed.

Surface Damages Repair Biodegradability Friction reduction Reduction of exhaust emissions Energy Consumption Reduction Self-repairing

Manufacturer's Description

The spherical Nano manufacture of ceramic powder, Platinum coating technology, dispersion and nano absorption technology was developed by the Korean Institute of Nanotechnology.

The combination of the coating of platinum and nano ceramic powder has a great advantage for the restoration of the motor, with great resistance to high temperature, humidity, provides superior lubrication and good combustibility without side effects.

Our developed formula of platinum and ceramic coating is 20 times stronger than steel and platinum , achieving excellent combustibility and a more powerful engine.