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Cline Nano Gradient - TGFb


Medicine Medical Supplies Product Number : NG06-0109913

Gradient Surface


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Au Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-57-5


stem cell- and cancer research & diagnostics
Cancer therapies Stem cell delivery


Each Cline Nano Gradient or Nano Surface consists of transparent glass with excellent optical quality. The glass is perfect for high resolution images. Thanks to the proprietary surface modification even the most sensitive cells will adhere very well, and the surface can be customized with any biomolecule to fit each cell’s need. This is not the case with normal cell culture glass. Use the amount of cells you are used to with standard fixation and staining techniques to acquire your results. The surfaces work perfectly in cell culture conditions for at least two weeks


Manufacturer's Description

The patent protected Cline Nano Gradient surfaces consists of a density gradient of gold nanoparticles on glass surfaces. Gradients of desired biomolecules can be achieved by modifying the gold nanoparticles and/or the surface between particles.

We offer customization and functionalization of the Nano Gradient Surface. For example, if you need a surface gradient of Human Recombinant Laminin or another biomolecule of choice we can complete the product in-house before shipping to you. Contact us for your needs and details!

Cline Nano Surfaces and Cline Nano Gradients consist of nanoparterns
of gold nanoparticles onto which biomolecules can be
attached to create surfaces mimicking tissue function. Surface
patterns of ECM-proteins and growthfactors can with the Cline Nano
Gradient control cell growth, differentiation and migratoon with
molecular precision.