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Registration Date 3 Jul 2018
Revision Date 3 Jul 2018

Prime & Bond NT Total Etch Adhesive Intro Case Kit


Medicine Dentistry Product Number : 634350-6

Dental Adhesive


•Advanced technology •0% sensitivity •Proven strength •Acetone based Provides outstanding bond strength for direct & indirect restorations • True universal light cure/self cure1 use • Available in bottles or unit dose simplicity Highly effective sealing ensures patient comfort • Elastomeric resin assures marginal integrity & compensates for shrinkage/stress • Protects against tactile & thermal induced pain • Maintains a long history of meticulous clinical research from major dental universities showing no sensitivity Combines advantages of nano-filler particles & PENTA (dipentaerythritol penta acrylate monophosphate) chemistry • Penetrates deeply into dentinal tubules • Uniquely efficient solvent/resin matrix • Very low film thickness prevents adhesive show-through • Contains fluoride for added protection

Mechanical Resistance Durability High sensitivity

Manufacturer's Description

Prime & Bond NT utilizes propietary resin manufacturing techniques to provide superior chemistry, proven strength and no sensitivity. Perfect for light cured direct restorations and dual cured indirect restorations, Prime & Bond NT can be used for a variety of indications and is available in a bottle and unit dose delivery.

Prime & Bond NT Intro Case includes: 6 Prime & Bond NT Bottles (4.5mL each), 240 Disposable Brush Tips, 6 Brush Handle, 6 Dispensing Wells