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Registration Date 3 Jul 2018
Revision Date 3 Jul 2018

Esthet•X HD Micro Matrix Restorative A4-O 1 (3g) Easy-Twist Syringe Refill


Medicine Dentistry Product Number : 630676

Restorative Material


• Sculptable handling for realistic results • Easy and quick polishing • TruMatch Shade Guide • Excellent radiopacity and wear resistance

Durability Toughness Strength Color-matching

Manufacturer's Description

Esthet-X HD restorative provides the ultimate combination of beauty and strength. The precise filler particle distribution of glass and nano-filler particles targets the optimal glass particle sizes and provides the ability to achieve an excellent polish with less effort and time. Esthet-X HD gives you the power to mimic nature and deliver life like results for a beautiful smile. It is ideal for all cavity classes and is available in 31 shades to let you control the esthetic outcome of every restoration.

Start with the perfect blend of strength, handling and
exquisite color-matching. Finish with consistently beautiful,
natural results. That’s how to Get Real. When you take
advantage of Esthet•X® HD composite’s nano-filler
technology and TruMatch® Shade Guide, only you
and your patient will know it’s a restoration.

When you can visualize the finished restoration before you start placing
composite, you achieve a highly realistic restoration. Each shade guide tab
offers a precise recipe that eliminates the guesswork, saving time and
delivering stellar results.