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Manufacturer's Description

Insplorion provides nanoplasmonic sensors, which enable ultrasensitive measurements of refractive index changes close to (< 30 nm from) the sensor surface. The sensors can be coated with a range of materials, which allows studies of how surface chemistry influences processes such as molecular adsorption and thin film phase transitions. Insplorion offers also plasmonic nanostructures of various types and sizes, allowing the user to perform systematic studies of how surface processes are influenced by the surface topography/structure.

• NPS is ideally suited to study the influence of surface topography and/or chemistry on surface processes.

• Surface chemistry, structure and curvature influence molecular adsorption as well as the structure and composition of adsorbed layers.

• A variety of sensor coatings is available, providing the possibility to tailor the surface chemistry.

• Insplorion offers sensors with different surface structure and curvature by varying the size and shape of the plasmonic nanostructures.

NPS is a versatile and extremely surface sensitive optical technique for studies of properties in molecular scale films, using leading nanoparticles, often gold or silver, as local sensing elements. The nanofabricated plasmonic discs of the Insplorion sensors are embedded in a custom-made dielectric material offering optimal protection and tailored surface chemistry of the sensor.

Insplorion has taken the general concept of LSPR-based sensing and made it applicable to a wide range of areas, where the nano discs act as optical antennas, which respond to processes at the sensor/sample interface. The technique constitutes a very versatile sensing platform that enables detection and monitoring of a large variety of material and interface processes both in research, under in situ conditions, and in applied functions like battery sensors and air quality sensors.