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Medicine Pharmaceuticals

MRI contrast agent


NPD Conjectured

Iron(II,III) oxide

Fe3O4 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1317-61-9


Cancer therapies MRI


Tumor selectivity – improves the possibility of distinguishing between tumor and non-tumor tissue and reduces the risk of false-positive tumor findings. Exceptional enhancement of the MRI signal – makes images more crisp and allows for earlier discovery and diagnosis of cancer Longer time-window for obtaining MRI images – allows for retakes and more detailed studies. Free from gadolinium – reduces risk of side effects associated with some of the MRI contrast agents in the market.

Selectivity Gadolinium-free

Manufacturer's Description

SpagoPix is a cancer selective MRI contrast agent with the potential to significantly improve cancer diagnostics. Through earlier, enhanced and more precise visualization of soft tissue tumors and metastases, the chances of successful treatment of cancer patients are improved.

Contrast agents used for MRI today are not tumor selective which leads to relatively poor contrast between tumors and non-tumor tissue. The risk of false positive findings (tumor findings that are not malignant) is therefore high. False positive findings lead not only to lead to anxiety and suffering for the individual patient, but also to significant costs for subsequent unnecessary examinations. Although MRI is collectively one of the most sensitive methods for tumor visualization, it is also the method leading to most false-positive findings.

Cancer is today one of the most common causes of illness-and death among adults, especially among elderly. According to the WHO, 15 million people yearly are diagnosed with cancer. This number is expected to grow to 22 million in 2030. An early and correct diagnosis is in many cases crucial for a positive treatment outcome.

Spago Nanomedical has developed the contrast agent SpagoPix which has unique properties creating possibilities to more optimally utilize the potential of MRI diagnostics. The nanomaterial SpagoPix is designed to selectively accumulate in tumor tissue. The mechanism of action is built on a well described principle called the Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) effect.