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Registration Date 3 Jul 2018
Revision Date 3 Jul 2018

FluidWorker 210/300


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Treatment System


Safer work environment without biocides that can cause eczema, allergies, respiratory problems, sterility and cancer. Lower costs – the process fluid gets a longer lifetime and biocide-related expenses are avoided. Stable production – when the process fluid is continuously purified, the quality is maintained and less fluid changes is needed. Reduced climate footprint – Longer life of the fluid means fewer chemicals in circulation, reduced waste volumes and fewer transports associated with this.

Virus removal Anti-allergic Bacteria removal Sterile

Manufacturer's Description

FluidWorker effectively reduces bacteria in process fluids. The fluid is irradiated with UV-C, which reacts with the bacteria's DNA and makes it unable to reproduce. The bacterial reduction is often very fast, within a few hours 99.9 percent of the bacteria is decomposed, given dimensioning according to Wallenius Water’s system analysis.

FluidWorker 210 and FluidWorker 300 are equipped with intelligent technology that monitors the fluid. Both are compact and ready to use on delivery.

They are installed in less than an hour during production and no special qualification is required.

The system requires minimum handling and maintenance. We believe in long term relationships and are available for support and advice after installation.


Required space: 0.5 m2 (half a pallet).
Installation time: Less than 1h, during production.
Bacterial reduction: 99.9%
Control system provide alarm for: reduced flow or UV-effect, lost/high pressure and automatically execute required action to safeguard effective treatment of the fluid.
Suitable tank size, FluidWorker 210: 1 000-8 000 litre / 1-8 m3
Suitable tank size, FluidWorker 300: 3 000-16 000 litre / 3-16 m3 (for larger systems, multiple FluidWorkers can be installed).