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XC-Hydra series


Electronics Sensor



The ultra fast imaging capability of XC-Hydra detectors mean that images can be acquired with no compromise of the 100 micron pixel size. This speed, when coupled with the dual energy capability, and the market leading MTF and DQE make the XC-Hydra detector range ideal for in-line inspection applications such as food inspection, PCB inspection and DUPRO. With its market leading sensitivity, the Hydra captures high quality images at very low radiation exposure making it perfect for medical applications such as full body and extremity scanning and other radiological investigative work.
Food industry Medicine Imaging


Dual energy for material differentiation Unsurpassed levels of MTF and DQE Ultra-fast X-ray imaging >2m/s

High sensitivity Fast Scanning Ability Quality image

Manufacturer's Description

The ultra-fast XC-Hydra detectors capable of 2m/s imaging at 100micron resolution bring new dimensions to medical applications and a broad range of NDT applications.

The XC-Hydra series is the fastest direct-digital, dual-energy, photon-counting X-ray detector on the market. Developed around the Direct Conversion group’s powerful CdTe-CMOS hybrid sensor, the Hydra brings new capabilities to fast line-scanning applications. The Hydra sensor provides outstanding imaging in either frame or Time-Delayed Summation (TDS) mode, with a scan speed potential of an incredible 2 m/s without the need for pixel binning.

XC-Hydra detectors come in three active area lengths: 20 cm, 35 cm and 50 cm. Being a detector that is ideal for fast scanning solutions it has a sensor width of 0.6 cm across the range, and comes with two options of CdTe thicknesses: 0.75 mm for standard energy applications and 2 mm for high energy X-ray applications.

Dual-energy acquisition with anti-coincidence technology is a key factor in the advanced capabilities of all XC-Hydra detectors. During dual-energy acquisition, the energy of the detected photon is compared to two independent thresholds which are read out separately. The two energy sets can be used for material differentiation, opening the door to new imaging techniques in both medical and industrial X-ray. Most critically the XC-Hydra series detectors have the fastest commercially available anti-coincidence technology, which produces superior energy resolution by ensuring the attribution of each single photon signal to the correct pixel. This powerful anti-coincidence (charge sharing) technology operates across the full length of the detector at ultra-fast speeds.